Week 1: Get acquainted with the Ultimaker

When we first got the printer from Joris, we had to make “our” combined Ultimaker 2 work with the PCB of the Ultimaker Original. There was also a fan which had to be replaced. This fan is needed so that the filament does not solidify within the Ultimaker. Due to closure of the PMB at the IO faculty we could not ask them for a replacement, therefor we ordered one which should arrive on monday.


The detached nozzle head, with the missing fan.

In the meantime, we brainstormed about different solutions to the various problems that printing with fibers gives. The main challenges were the printing path, adhesion of the fibers to the filament and cutting the fiber whenever the printer has to make a move.


Whiteboard with our brainstorm of multiple possibilities.

We started testing some of our ideas to see which of them are achievable.

Stan tested some ways to connect the fibers to the filament, with some degree of success.

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