Week 6: Science fair

Science fair


Tuesday the 1st of November we had the science fair in the main hall of the Industrial design building. At this science fair we demonstrated our work. A fun way to demonstrate the strength of our fiber prints was by hanging a couch on the chain links we printed. Just to be safe we first hung the couch from four chain links, which we later reduced to two. Even two links is a little on the safe side, as one link could easily support the couch and 6 people and still have a safety margin of 1.3. The swinging couch received a lot of attention from the students walking around. We presented our final product at our own stand, complete with live 3D printing, a poster and some of our test products. At the end of the day, we decided to see how many people we could fit on the couch before something would break. When 6 people were jumping on the couch the steel links connecting our fiber prints to the cables started to bend open. The fact that the construction did not fail at our links felt like a victory!



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