Meet the Team

Hi everyone, it’s time to meet our team.


We are a team of four technical students with different backgrounds:

  • Victor Waegenaere (Electrical Engineering)
  • Lennard van der Vaart (Industrial Design)
  • Stan Vugs (Industrial Design TU Eindhoven)
  • Rick van der Leer (Aerospace Engineering)

With our different technical backgrounds and together with the help from Joris Tubergen (Rooie Joris), we will attempt to modify an ultimaker 3D printer to be able to print filament reinforced with fibers.


This project was originally brought to us by Joris Tubergen. He is an expert with 3D printers and worked on a lot of challenging projects before, both technical and artistic. He has vast knowledge on the capabilities of 3D printers and modifications to expand beyond the normal limits. A few examples of this are a 3D printed mannequin of Tom Dumoulin and a life sized 3D printed elephant! He recently started on a project to try and reinforce FDM with fibers. He modified an ultimaker 2 to have ultimaker original software and added a rotating spool of fibers above the printer head which winds the fiber around the filament. However, this design still has some flaws in it. We will use his machine and attempt to fix these flaws and even add some modifications of our own.

Joris van Tubergen

Joris van Tubergen

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